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CUPPING : Thick, chocolatey, lots of character, light almost savoury notes

Origin : INDIA
Region : Karnataka, Kerala, processing completed on Malabar Coast
Producer : Estates and small holders
Score : 80
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Kents and local Selections
Processing : Processed, dried then 'monsooned'
Altitude : 1000 - 1900 MASL
Prep : Monsooned

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CUPPING : Thick, chocolatey, lots of character, light almost savoury notes

Monsoon Malabar is best enjoyed well-rested from 14 to 25+ days past the roast date once the beans have fully stabilized. This extended resting period delivers a superb flavor balance that is largely absent in the first 10+ days post roast.

If you prefer to order only once every 2-4 weeks I highly recommend when you order you get any of our other beans and pair it with Monsoon so you can drink fresh coffee in the "sweet spot" for over 2 weeks without your coffee going stale.

 This unusual coffee is grown in south west India.After harvesting, these medium to medium-large Arabica beans are naturally dried under the Indian sun.They are then warehoused on the Malabar Coast. During the Monsoon season from around June to September, the moisture-laden monsoon winds circulate around the warehoused beans. All this encouraged exposure to the moist, sea air swells the beans, and also fades the colour to a pale, almost yellow complexion. This deliberate and controlled exposure of the coffee beans to the sea air and monsoon winds replicates the environment that Indian coffee beans experienced in times gone by – stored in the holds of sailing boats on a long and dangerous journey to Europe.

This results in a totally unique bean.

Sweet, and aggressive flavours. It has pungent, nutty roasted tones, and subtle caramel and tobacco notes. Exotic and complex it is unique in its lingering flavour.