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Espresso Forge was founded in 2015 through a love of coffee & engineering, the byproduct was a manual espresso press capable of extracting espresso at a cafe-quality level. The Forge went through several rounds of critiques & improvements thanks to crowdsourced feedback from popular coffee forums like, which in turn produced what we believe is the most easy-to-use manual machine on the market.

Mid 2021 our small Longmont, Colorado based team of three acquired the Espresso Forge brand from founder Andre Vornbrock as he had decided to step away from the passion project to pursue other opportunities. As avid Forge users ourselves we felt an obligation to carry it onward to the future so others have the opportunity to experience its simple nature & mind-bending espresso capabilities. We manufacture Forge’s from the ground up from the highest quality steel at our in-house machine shop at the base of the rocky mountains. 

Experience the revolution of home-brewed espresso with Espresso Forge's manual presses, now accessible in Australia. Born from a fusion of engineering excellence and genuine love for coffee, Espresso Forge transcends the ordinary, delivering café-quality espresso in the comfort of your home or on your travels. Our robust, USA-made units, celebrated for their simplicity and elite performance, promise a consistent, rich extraction, honoring each coffee bean's profile. Engage in a brewing ritual that's both art and science, and join a global community of connoisseurs who settle for nothing less than perfection. With Espresso Forge, you're not just brewing coffee; you're invoking an experience. Explore our range, featuring the original stainless steel model and the lightweight EVO, and redefine your coffee journey today. Australia, it's time to elevate your espresso game!