Collection: Single Farm Estate, Third Wave Coffee

Single Farm Estate Coffee roasted here on the Central Coast, NSW Australia

The Pinnacle of Purity also known as Third Wave Coffee.  Third-wave coffee roasting is a movement in coffee marketing emphasizing high quality. Beans are typically sourced from individual farms and are roasted more lightly to bring out their distinctive flavours.

Step into the world of unparalleled refinement with our Single Farm Estate, Single Varietal Coffee. Each batch is a testament to the dedication and passion of individual farmers who cultivate these premium beans. Unlike any other, these varieties come from one farm, one producer, asserting a level of exclusivity in each cup you savour. Select your roast lightly roasted to protect intricate flavours, or slightly darker (medium) to better blend with milk. These beans command a higher price, honouring the meticulous care, selective harvesting, and innovation in processing they require. Explore the journey from a single farm to your cup, understand the premium you pay for purity and traceability, and indulge in the extraordinary flavours that set these coffees apart.

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