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Decent Espresso Products Collection

Since 2021, we've been using Decent Espresso Machines both in our roastery and at home, experiencing firsthand the superior quality they bring to the coffee-making process.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Decent Espresso Bengle, we've decided to stock and sell some of our favorite Decent products here in Australia for fast local delivery. Here are a few highlights:

Milk Thermometer One of our top picks is the milk thermometer. It's incredibly convenient for both home baristas and busy café environments. You can start steaming, step away, and the thermometer will beep at 60 degrees, reminding you to stop steaming before your milk hits 65 degrees. This feature is particularly useful if you get distracted by a customer or another task.

Tamper Another favorite is the Decent tamper. It offers auto-leveling and a precise 15-pound click for tamping precision. Unlike many of the Chinese force tamper knockoffs on the market, this tamper feels solid and well-built, ensuring consistent results every time.

Filter Basket 3.0 Our third favorite product is the Decent Espresso Filter Basket 3.0. Launched in mid-2023, this basket is designed to enhance espresso extraction by offering a more even and consistent flow of water through the coffee grounds. This leads to a richer, more balanced flavor, making it a must-have for any serious espresso enthusiast.

Explore our collection of Decent Espresso products and enjoy the best in coffee-making technology with fast delivery across Australia.