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Decent Espresso Ridgeless Portafilter Basket

Decent Espresso Ridgeless Portafilter Basket

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Are you looking to buy Decent Espresso Ridgeless Portafilter Basket in Australia?

Optimised for best espresso extraction and exquisite flavour.

15 gram baskets are becoming the most common size for medium light to medium dark roasted beans. A double espresso with 28g to 36g in the cup is typical. You can also make quite good ristrettos (15g in the cup) with this basket, especially with darker roasts and short extraction times, around 18 to 22 seconds.

18 gram is the most common size and useful both for light roasts and dark roasts, for ristretto and double shots.

20g baskets are often used by cafes, especially with lighter roasts. This will tend to make a shot with 20g of beans and 20g to 25g of espresso in the cup. If you are using a 9 bar espresso machine and tend to get sour espressos, you should consider a 20g basket and making this style of ristretto shot.

22g baskets are used either to make thick espresso with darker roasts, or to make ristrettos from lighter roasts that otherwise would be too sour or have taste defects. This will tend to make a shot with 22g of beans and 20g to 30g of espresso in the cup. If you are using a 9 bar espresso machine with very light beans and tend to get sour espressos or unpleasant flavours, you should consider a 22g basket and making this style of ristretto shot. Such a large dose will also help you avoid channelling, especially in fast paced cafe environments.
This large basket size generally only fits in a bottomless portafilter, though spouted portafilters from La Marzocco, Synesso, and Nuova Simonelli usually work.

The ridgeless basket means that the spring holds the basket less tightly in, so that it's easier to take the basket in and out of the portafilter. Ridgeless baskets make slightly better espresso because untamped coffee grounds can't get caught in the ridge. However, this idea is new and non-traditional, and there is a risk the basket will fall out when you knock the puck out. If you rarely take your basket out, you might be better served with a traditional ridged basket.


  • Even keeled under pressure. If the holes in your basket are not exactly the same size, high pressure water during espresso making will rush toward the bigger holes, causing channelling and side extraction. Your coffee will taste weak and bitter.
  • A neglected component. You'd be surprised to find out that even expensive espresso machines have neglected this little piece of metal, and manufacture it using cheap, inexact methods.
  • The perfect hole size. If you get the hole size just right, you get a gorgeous, full mouthfeel. You'll also see a kind of chocolate-powder top to your shot, from the right amount of smaller particles, called "fines", making their way into your drink.
  • Calibrated for espresso. Holes that are too big cause coffee particles to flow out of the basket into your cup, making it feel muddy on the tongue. Holes that are too small cause clogging.
  • Microscopically inspected. We confirm that every basket is perfect before we send it to you, by using software that coffee/computer scientist John Weiss wrote for us.
  • Made for precision tampers. We recommend you use a tamper with a 58.35mm base, because that will eliminate the untamped ring that a less close-fitting tamper produces. We do not recommend 58.5mm tampers. Such a close fit can suck the puck up as you lift the tamper.
  • Standard sized. Fits most 58mm portafilters. Known to work with machines from Breville, Sage, La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Slayer, Synesso, Faema, La Cimbali, Rancilio. Breville machines work with sizes between 7g and 20g.
  • Guaranteed for life. If you ever have any problems with our basket, send us a photo and we'll replace it free of charge.
  • Happiness guaranteed. If our basket doesn't fit your machine or you are unhappy for any reason, we'll make it right or refund your money.

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