Collection: Pesado 58.5 Coffee Tools & Equipment Australia

Elevate your coffee game with precision-crafted tools from Pesado, designed in Melbourne for the discerning barista. Leading the lineup is the Pesado 58.5 Tamper, with its finely machined 316-grade stainless steel base and an optimal 58.5mm diameter, ensuring a perfect tamp every time. Complementing the tampers are elegantly handcrafted wooden handles, made from sustainably sourced local materials, combining durability with a classic aesthetic.

The Pesado collection also features a high-endurance, modular range that marries robust stainless steel with cutting-edge thermoplastics for a sophisticated finish. The stainless steel portafilters stand out with their unique, removable spout design, crafted to endure the rigors of busy cafés while simplifying maintenance.

In Australia's vibrant coffee culture, where precision is paramount, Pesado's reinforced diffuser screens and baskets are designed to deliver uniform water distribution, ensuring consistent, high-quality extractions even under the pressures of high-volume service. These components are tailored to uphold performance and precision for every brew.

For baristas on the move, Pesado's satin charcoal milk jug and dosing cup enhance workflow and style. And to carry these premium tools, Pesado offers a sturdy barista bag and apron, both fashioned from durable canvas and leather for a professional and practical way to protect and transport your gear. Discover these impeccable Pesado tools on our website, where each purchase promises to perfect your pour.