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Pesado Hybrid Double Spouted Portafilter

Pesado Hybrid Double Spouted Portafilter

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Are you looking to buy Pesado Hybrid Double Spouted Portafilter in Australia?

Introducing the latest innovation in our Pesado 58.5 lineup - the Hybrid Portafilter! By combining the best of both worlds, we've created the ultimate go-to portafilter that's versatile and easy to use.

Using a one-of-kind threaded naked hybrid portafilter combined with the revolutionary hybrid spouted system, you can effortlessly transform your naked portafilter into a spouted one in seconds, without the need to purchase separate accessories.

Whether you're a home barista or a professional the Hybrid Portafilter will fit effortlessly into your daily coffee routine.


  • The New Hybrid Portafilter: The brand new hybrid portafilter gives you the ability to transform between Naked and Spouted portafilters in seconds. Giving you the best of both worlds!
  • One-Of-A-Kind Spouted System: To start we have combined our signature spouted system with a patent pending base plate. This is where the magic starts! Simply using the allen key that comes with the system, screw the nut through the plate attaching the spout. This creates your new hybrid spouted system.
  • Transform Naked to Spouted: Once you have attached the spouted system together, simply screw the plate up into the bottom of the naked portafilter. This will thread in and lock off your system. To turn back into the naked portafilter simply unscrew the plate and boom! back to naked.


  • Materials: 
    • Portafiler Head - 316L Stainless Steel w/ M12 female thread
    • Hybrid Spout - 316L Stainless Steel
    • POM Handle - Polyoxymethylene. An engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.
    • Modular Metallic End - Electro polish stainless steel (Available in 4 metallic colours).
    • Modular Timber End - Birch wood vacuumed dyed, coated in a heat and water resistant wax. (Available in our signature timber modular ends, Riga and Iris).
    • Dusk & Haze Modular Ends - 7-tone resin blend set in a honeycomb aluminium mesh. Available in our 2 signature colours Dusk and Haze
    • Raya Handle - Birch wood vacuumed dyed, coated in a heat and water resistant wax.


  • 1 x Naked portafilter with handle of choice
  • 1 x Hybrid spouted system
  • 1 x Allen key

Compatibility Guide

Machine Portafilter Shower Screen
Ascaso Dream (ONE & PID) LM/E61 -
Astoria Astoria 51.5mm
Astra - -
Aurora - -
Bezzera E61 LM/E61 E61
Bezzera - other models - -
Brasilia - 51.5mm
Breville/Sage 54mm or 58mm* Breville 54mm / 58mm*
Brugnetti LM/E61 E61
Cimbali - 51.5mm
Decent LM/E61 51.5mm
Della Corte - -
DeLonghi - -
ECM LM/E61 E61
Elektra LM/E61 51.5mm
Esprofesso LM/E61 LM
Expobar LM/E61 E61
Faema LM/E61 E61
Flair 58

Hybrid LM/E61 only - old models will need to be machined down to fit

email us to request machining

Gaggia - -
Isomac LM/E61 E61
Kees Van Der Western LM/E61 E61
La Marzocco LM/E61 (not KB90) LM & LM-KB90
La Pavoni (E61 Group) LM/E61 E61
Lelit - Pro Line LM/ E61 E61
Londinium - -
Mavam LM/E61 NS
Meticulous Home LM/E61 -
Moai Bar LM/E61 LM
Mod Bar LM/E61 LM
Nuova Simonelli NS NS
Orchestrale LM/E61 E61
Profitec LM/E61 E61
Quickmill LM/E61 E61
Rancillio Silvia LM/E61 LM
Rocket E61 models LM/E61 E61 (not R9)
Rocket Boxer LM/E61 51.5mm
SAB LM/E61 E61
San Marco - -
San Remo LM/E61 E61
Slayer LM/E61 LM
Sunbeam - -
Synesso LM/E61 LM
VBM LM/E61 E61
Vittoria Arduino NS NS
Wega (not all models) LM/E61 E61
*Please note that there are two sizes for Breville portafilters 54mm and 58mm, please choose the specific one to your machine. SKU: 15385769

Package Weight: 640g
W/H: U-02-C-01

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