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Coastal Blend Dark Side

Coastal Blend Dark Side

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Are you looking to buy Coastal Blend Dark Side in Australia?

If you're looking for a stronger flavoured Coastal Blend then we present to you our Dark Side Edition.

We took our popular Coastal Blend which usually is roasted to a medium and roasted it with more development time to Medium Dark. This gives it a glossy finish and the oils will start to appear on the bean.

Coastal blend is a blend made up of Brazil Arabica, Uganda Arabica & Vietnam Robusta

This gives it a unique flavour profile that is very smooth and enjoyable, check out the reviews or try a sample 60g pack!

If you prefer a smoother milky coffee then try our Coastal Blend roasted lighter here.

Tasting Notes/Sensory: Milk Chocolate & Caramel
SCA Score: N/A
Suitable with Milk? Yes
Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium to High
Flavour: Excellent, well-balanced coffee, showing great body and all-around good character

SKU: coastal_dark_60g
Package Weight: 100g

How does my coffee come packaged?

Despite some of our product images looking very fancy our coffee is packaged into a plain brown paper foiled lined bag with a Swiss WIPF degassing valve. This offers superior oxygen and moisture protection. We recommend once you crack the seal you store your coffee in AirScape containers or Weber Workshop Bean Cellars for a single dosing option.
You can also freeze/vacuum seal in small lots, then use straight away once removed from freezer.

We don't have fancy printed bags with ziplocks (more plastic), we save that cost and buy better quality green beans so you can focus on your cup quality instead of fancy marketing and artwork.