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An Aeropress is simply the fastest way to make a consistently great cup of coffee... anywhere!

Please note this a GENUINE aeropress. There is non genuine copies now in the wild. Please check and see authorsied sellers.


(I also recommend a 600ml milk jug, thermometer and porlex grinder)

Read your aeropress and grinder instructions. Then follow the 5 steps below, easy, great coffee.

1. Boil Water & fill milk jug with water (thermometer in jug).

2. Grind coffee fit filter in aeropress and pour some hot water through the paper filter (discard water).

3. Put required amount of coffee in aeropress (fill the mini grinder hopper with beans  for 2 cups)

4. Check temperature should be 80 deg c. Pour water into aeropress to level 2 mark.(I wet the grounds and wait few seconds for fresh coffee to bloom before filling).

5. 10 second stir, 20 second press and drink a double or share with friend.

Its unique brewing method gives the richest coffee flavour, with less bitterness and acidity. Fast & easy, it’s perfect as a travel or camping coffee maker. The AeroPress makes a wonderful gift for any coffee and espresso lover.

So simple, SO GOOD…

SMOOTH   Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure, brewing yields rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness.

RICH   Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavour.

PURE   Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers.

FAST   About two minutes from start to enjoy. The actual press time takes only 20 seconds.