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Weber Workshops Bean Cellar (Glass)

Weber Workshops Bean Cellar (Glass)

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Are you looking to buy Weber Workshops Bean Cellar (Glass) in Australia?

Repeatedly opening and closing a coffee bag, or storage container exposes coffee to outside air, leading to oxidization and staleness. The single-dose storage Bean Cellar® only exposes your coffee to air twice – once when loading from bag to Bean Cellar®, and again when you’re ready to grind.
Each borosilicate glass Bean Cellar® is capped with our proprietary one-way valve system that allows the CO2 of freshly roasted coffee to outgas, displacing the lighter oxygen out of the valve at the top of the cap.

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Light Vs Air. Many customers ask us if light will affect the storage of the beans. The short answer is "no," as long as they are not stored in direct sunlight. From our experience and tests, as well as to the testament of our customers, the negative effects of opening and closing a vessel and re-exposing them to fresh air is several orders of magnitude more damaging to bean freshness than ambient light in a room.


  • Dimensions: 30cm wide, 9cm deep, and 4cm tall. With just the glass the height is 15.5cm, and with the brass handle it is 23cm tall.
  • Capacity: Each Bean Cellar® can hold 18-22g of beans, depending on the bean size and roast.


  • Set of 12 Borosilicate Glass Bean Cellars and Caps
  • Solid Teak Caddy
  • Solid Brass Handle and Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Bean Funnel (Fits Glass & Resin Bean Cellars)
  • Rosewood & Brass Coffee Brush
  • 3 Spare Borosilicate Cellars (Without caps)

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