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Varia AKU Scale

Varia AKU Scale

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Are you looking to buy Varia AKU Scale in Australia?

Incredibly accurate and fast, the Varia AKU scales is a hardworking scale that both busy baristas and discerning home brewers will love. The Varia AKU’s .1g sensitivity and snappy responsiveness let you follow your favourite recipes to a T, so you always end up with a cup of coffee that you love.
Plus it comes with an auto-tare function and auto-timer so you never mess up your ratios or timing even when you forget to hit that button. Don’t let its sleek design fool you, this scale is tough.
Thanks to its heat-resistant PFA alloy body and waterproofing, it can sit under the espresso machine or your favourite brewer with no fear of hot water splashes. The Varia AKU is also precision machined so it remains stable even as it goes through the rigours of daily use.


  • Accurate and fast - Quick response time at 0.1g accuracy so you’re never off your technique or recipe.
  • Auto tare and timer - Automatically tares so it goes back to zero after you weigh, without you ever having to hit the tare button. The timer can be set to start automatically when it detects water flow.
  • Water & Heat-resistant - IPX5 water resistance protects the scale from low-pressure water from all angles. Made with heat-resistant PFA alloy you can safely brew on top of the scale without damaging the unit.
  • Hidden LCD - Crystal-clear 9-digit LED display that goes completely black when not in use, lending to the scale’s gorgeous minimalist look.
  • Rechargeable battery - Equipped with a Li-Poly battery cell (USB-C) that charges to full capacity in 2 hours.
  • Impressive battery life - One full charge can take you through brewing around 300 cups of coffee.


  • Materials: PFA alloy, silicone
  • Weighing capacity: 3.1kg
  • Resolution: 0.1g accuracy
  • Battery:  3.7V/1200mAh Li-Ion, rechargeable
  • Dimensions: (D)120mm x (w)110mm x (H)19mm


  • 1 x Varia AKU Scale
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 100g Calibration Weight
  • EVA Carry case

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Package Weight: 780g
W/H: V-01-C-10

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