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The Espresso Forge (Original)

The Espresso Forge (Original)

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Are you looking to buy The Espresso Forge (Original) in Australia?

Brew professional level espresso from the comfort of your kitchen or on the move. This bomb proof coffee tool is easy to use & maintenance free.

Includes a free easy pour funnel.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel (Piston, Tubing, Top Plate and Bottom Ring)

Proudly Made in the USA * – All In-House CNC Machined, Assembled and Tested.



  • Main Cylinder is engineered to be the perfect shot volume, from 1:1 through to 1:3.
  • Maximum Pressure: 11 bar (160 psi)


  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel Brew Path – structurally all stainless, which is a very robust and difficult to damage
  • High-End Silicone (static) and EPDM (moving) seals are used throughout
  • 1/8″ NPT pressure gauge installed for precision pressure profiling
  • Can be fully & easily disassembled, only o-rings are used for sealing
  • Very few parts are needed for long-term operation and maintenance.
  • Proudly Made in the USA in our Longmont, CO facility. Crafted from start to finish by our team in-house, assembled & finished by hand. Each Forge is pressure tested to guarantee a perfect unit.


What is the difference between Espresso Fordge & other products?

It’s slim, lever-less design, was engineered to make the best tasting shot of espresso while being easy to use and give you the ability to bring it anywhere.  You can enjoy zero compromise in shot quality whether at home or on the go.  Making espresso requires a minimum of 6-9 bar (87-130psi) of pressure to properly extract.  This is key to produce crema and create the unique body and flavor of espresso.  Aeorpress and other similar small manual brewers generate far less pressure than what is required for espresso.  Espresso Forge’s narrow cylinder design can generate up to 160 psi and requires the least amount of human effort to generate.  Espresso Forge is also one of only a few portable espresso makers that uses the industry standard 58mm brew basket based on an e61 group head design. 

What is the recommended dose of coffee in the basket?

We recommend using between 14 and 19 grams of coffee per shot.  You can also purchase different size brew baskets for the Forge thanks to its industry standard 58mm size. We like the basket that comes with it but feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. 

Is pre-heating absolutely necessary?

No.  For most darker roasted coffees no preheat is needed.  The stainless steel design reduces the amount of heat transferred from the water into the espresso maker keeping the water temp high.  

How do I preheat the Forge?

Although preheating the Forge is not necessary, you may find it beneficial when using lighter roasts.  You can do this in two ways:  1. Remove the lock ring and basket and place the Forge on a kettle while the water comes to a boil.  2. Fill the cylinder with boiling water and let it sit for 30-40 seconds before brewing.  Preheating your coffee cup with a splash of hot water then dumping it out also helps keep you beverage warm longer.  

Am I able to control shot volume?

Yes, you can stop pulling down on the piston at any point for a shorter shot.  If you prefer a longer shot, two things can help increase shot volume:  First, you can pre-infuse the coffee under 1 bar of pressure. Then remove the piston and refill the cylinder. Alternatively, lower doses will help with getting higher volume shots as.

Water is dripping from the Forge before I pull down on the handle OR the shot is pulling too fast and is watery with no crema...Why?

The oils on the coffee have either dried up or the coffee is ground to coarsely.  Check the freshness of your coffee and grind it as close to making your shot as possible.  If your coffee is fresh, make your grind finer until the shot takes 25-40 seconds to pull at 9 bar (130 psi).  See the FAQ on grinders for more info. 

Sometimes coffee squirts out in little streams making a mess while pulling a shot...Why?

This is most likely due to an uneven distribution of the ground coffee allowing water to flow faster through one area than another.  Water likes to take the path of least resistance, so if there is a crack in the puck or a larger piece of ground coffee, water will “channel” through these areas and under extract the rest of the shot.  This is called “channeling” and can be a normal part of using a bottomless brew basket.  We recommend using a WDT tool to help evenly distribute your ground coffee prior to tamping.  A high quality grinder that produces evenly ground coffee also helps. 

What's in the box?

  • Main Press Unit
    • Piston, Cylinder, Top Plate, Bottom Ring (each part machined from solid 304 Stainless Steel)
    • Piston O-Rings 2x
    • Aluminum T-Handle (machined in the house)
  • Stainless Easy Pour Funnel
  • Stainless Pressure Gauge
  • Tripod Ring Stand
  • 14g Double Basket – 58mm
  • Shower Screen – E61 58mm
  • Cafelat Silicone Main Gasket – E61 58mm
  • Spare Piston O-Rings 2x
  • Pack of Food-Safe Grease

All Forges come with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty on the core of the machine. 

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Package Weight: 3000g
W/H: U-01-H-07

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