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Tanzania Kilimanjaro Plantation Peaberry | Fully Washed

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Plantation Peaberry | Fully Washed

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Are you looking to buy Tanzania Kilimanjaro Plantation Peaberry | Fully Washed in Australia?

Cupping : Intense, caramel, dark fine chocolate, blackcurrant

Region : South slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro
Producer : Kilimanjaro Plantation
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Bourbons, Kent, Typica, Blue Mountain
Processing : Fully washed
Altitude : 1050 - 1400 MASL

Roast : medium 

Arabica Bourbon coffee, from the island of Reunion, which is still one of the favourite varietals at Mount Kilimanjaro, was introduced to the region by missionaries around 1890. Originally cultivated only on plantations, the coffee was soon adopted by the business-minded tribe of the Chagas and is still a main component of the "shamba" (cultivated garden) of every small holder farmer in the region.

Kilimanjaro Plantation has been growing and producing coffee since 1955 on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi-Kibosho Mweka Tanzania. It was one of the first single-origin large scale coffee producers in Tanzania. The plantation has a total area of 663 hectares making it one the largest plantations in Northern Tanzania. They have planted and grown over 1 million coffee trees on 565 hectares of land, preserving the remaining land as natural forest.

The Plantation has planted more than 10,000 indigenous shade trees such as Cordia Africana (Mringamringa), Albizia Schimperiana (Mruka), and Croton Silvacus (Mfuru) across the plantation and in the community in order to help stabilize the microclimate and fight against deforestation in the region. These shade trees are also instrumental in cultivating coffee as they protect the soil and plants from the impact of the torrid East African sun.

The entire farm is equipped with a drip-line irrigation system, which provides constant water and nutrient uptake for every single coffee tree throughout the year. This ensures the coffee cherries can develop and ripen without disturbance. Drip-line irrigation reduces water consumption by 60%. The Plantation has its own team of Q Graders and a fully equipped cupping room in use daily for Plantation staff and visitors.

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How does my coffee come packaged?

Our coffee is packaged into a brown paper foiled lined bag with a Swiss WIPF degassing valve. This offers superior oxygen and moisture protection. We recommend once you crack the seal you store your coffee in AirScape containers or Weber Workshop Bean Cellars for a single dosing option.

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