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Nurri Leva Coffee Machine (Zebrano)

Nurri Leva Coffee Machine (Zebrano)

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Are you looking to buy Nurri Leva Coffee Machine (Zebrano) in Australia?

Elevate Your Espresso Experience with the Nurri L Type Leva Coffee Machine in Australia from Central Coast Coffee

We only have TWO machines currently in stock
We have one black arriving around Middle of May 2024, you can preorder now to reserve this item - EDIT SOLD OUT

The machine boxed up weighs 52kg and requires a SKID for shipment. If you require shipping please email us with your address for a quote.

A Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

Embark on a transcendent journey through the exquisite world of authentic Italian espresso with the revolutionary Nurri L Type Leva Coffee Machine. Blending impeccable, classic Italian design with avant-garde technology, this masterful creation presents an enchanting harmony of tradition and innovation, offering not merely a cup of espresso but an immersive experience in each delicate sip.

Swift and Simplistic Sophistication

Erase the arduous wait from your daily coffee ritual! With a meticulously engineered modified LSM group featuring active heating, your Nurri L Type Leva promises a marvelously rapid warm-up, transforming beans to brew in a mere 15 minutes. Now, each morning, allow your espresso to entwine with time, unraveling a world where convenience and quality coalesce, ensuring that your days commence with uncompromised elegance and efficiency.

Absolute Control in Your Hands

Step into the shoes of a maestro, wielding command over the refined preinfusion pressure control. The innovative dual boiler and Servo-assisted group, coherently controlled through the group pedals, empower you to synchronize your preinfusion technique with a spectrum of coffee beans and grind sizes. Each pull of the lever becomes a brushstroke, where you, the artist, introduce your beans to water, curating a masterpiece in a cup, distinctive to your palate.

Silent Yet Profound Interactions

Journey through your espresso creation in a tranquil serenity afforded by the Leva’s whisper-quiet rotary pump. The almost soundless brewing process not only respects your peaceful mornings but also turns every espresso creation into a meditative practice. Here, in the quietude, your senses are unobstructed, free to plunge into the depths of every aroma, every bubble, creating a silent yet profoundly intimate interaction with your brew.

Where Style Meets Substance

Marvel at the aesthetic brilliance of the Nurri L Type Leva, which proudly wears its Italian heritage in its form. Choose between the lustrous high-shine stainless steel body or the ethereal new white panels, each flawlessly complemented by either the warm walnut wood or the exotic Zebrano side panels. It stands not just as a coffee machine but as a statement piece, narrating tales of distant Italian espresso bars, right within your space.

Precision That Honors Your Beans

Championing precision and consistency, the 3-channel PID control becomes the guardian of your temperatures, safeguarding the integrity of your beans and milk, and bestowing upon them the respect they deserve. Whether brewing or steaming, the PID assures that each particle of coffee and waft of steam is bathed in perfectly tempered conditions, thereby elevating the symphony of flavors and aromas encased within them.

Your Espresso, Your Way

With a diverse array of features, from the robust 0.8L brew boiler to the vigorous 1.8L steam boiler, and a flexibility of being plumbed or tank-utilized, the Nurri L Type Leva bends to your will and environment. Every feature, from the dual manometers to the 54mm portafilter, has been crafted considering not just the coffee but the connoisseur behind it, providing a platform where you can explore, experiment, and express through espresso.

The Nurri L-Type Leva espresso machine is, put simply, a showstopper—blending traditional Italian espresso culture and design with cutting-edge performance and technology to replicate the cafè experience in your home.

Please note that this machine comes on a mini-pallet 

🕒 Swift Indulgence in 15 Minutes: Forget waiting, dive straight into the coffee realms with a rapid 15-minute warm-up, thanks to a refined LSM group with active heating.

🧪 Experimentation Meets Excellence: With the innovative preinfusion pressure control through the group pedals, discover new depths in your espresso, experimenting with a myriad of beans and grinds, and ushering in a new era of flavorful explorations.

🔇 Zen in a Cup with Quiet Brewing: Mornings just became more serene! The whisper-quiet rotary pump delivers a zen coffee brewing experience, making your early espresso moments incredibly peaceful.

🇮🇹 Romantic Italian Aesthetics: Dazzle your space with the Nurri Leva’s high-shine stainless steel body or the pristine new white panels, augmented by a choice of luxurious walnut wood or Zebrano side panels - an aesthetic dream, conjuring the charm of an Italian café in your own abode.

🚰 Flexibility with Dual Water Supply: Offering a dual water supply option, choose between connecting to the mains or using a reservoir, providing an adaptable coffee solution to your dynamic lifestyle.

🌡️ Uncompromised Temperature Precision: With a 3-channel PID, relish the perfection in every brew and steam, curating an espresso that resonates with your preferences, every single time.

🎁 Included Essentials: Embark on your espresso adventure equipped with a double portafilter, naked portafilter, and single and double baskets.

Key Specifications:

  • Quick Heating: Ready in just 15 minutes.
  • Boiler Capacities: Brew (.8L) and Steam (1.8L).
  • Stunning Design Options: Stainless steel body or new white panels, paired with walnut wood or Zebrano side panels.
  • Dimension & Weight: (H) 580mm x (W) 360mm x (D) 450mm & 45kg.



Boiler Capacity

Brew boiler capacity: .8L

Steam boiler capacity: 1.8L

Water Reservoir


Tank or Plumbed

Plumbed / Tank





Pump Pressure Adjustable

Yes - Lever Style




Dual Manometers - Brew & Steam


Yes, Mechanical / Manual


230V 10A 2200V

Dimensions (mm)

(H) 580mm x (W) 360mm x (D) 450mm



Package Weight: 52000g

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