Nanaopresso Barista Kit

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A game changer! 

Finally, we now have a portable espresso maker capable of making 30-32g of espresso with a 2-1 ratio

Simply by adding an extension ring your Nanopresso can now fit a 16g basket.

The Barista Kit is a full set of accessories packed in a small container.

It expands the Nanopresso capabilities by giving you the possibility to prepare double espresso with approximately 16g coffee.

Dimensions: 150 x 62 x 62mm

Weight : 270g

Please check our F.A.Q. and Event Calendar before ordering

Package included:

Large water tank (140 ml), larger espresso cup, two double espresso filter baskets with cap & one single espresso filter basket with cap, the double espresso adapter ring, one tamper and the instruction book.