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Weber Workshops Moonraker Ultra Edition

Weber Workshops Moonraker Ultra Edition

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Are you looking to buy Weber Workshops Moonraker Ultra Edition in Australia?

Perfectly calculated spirographic movement for flawless powder homogenization; we combined the art of espresso puck prep with the engineering of a Swiss watch. The MOONRAKER™ rewrites the book on WDT and espresso puck prep as we know it.  

The Spirograph Movement

With all existing products the pins are always on a circular track, so more turns will only result in compacted grooves being formed in the coffee bed. With the MOONRAKER, the more turns performed the more the powder is randomized/homogenized. In our testing, 2+ turns is sufficient for a perfectly prepared coffee bed.


The MOONRAKER™ is made of all premium materials. The casing is machined and anodized aerospace grade aluminium combined with machined and polished stainless steel. All of the needles are medical-grade stainless, wrapped with copper alloy springs. The ULTRA edition utilizes a solid brass movement (gears), whereas the STANDARD edition is crafted with an anti-static glass fibre reinforced and food-safe polymer. Both editions use embedded neodymium magnets to retain the needles, which also allows for quick replacement. The top surface is chemically-strengthened and back-printed glass, allowing you to peer directly into the MOONRAKER to watch the magic happen.

What does it do?

The Weiss Distribution Technique (or WDT) has been documented on the online coffee forum since 2006 as a method utilizing needles to break up clumps and achieve perfect "puck prep." The MOONRAKER™ takes that concept and mechanizes it with a calculated and calibrated spirographic movement to ensure perfect homogeneity. While other WDT tools create endless trenches along the same path, the MOONRAKER's patent-pending mechanism endlessly randomizes and homogenizes the coffee bed. There is no better way to prep for tamping.


The MOONRAKER™ is designed for optimal compatibility with our own Unifilter and Unibasket products. It will work just as effectively, however, on all standard 58mm portafilter baskets. While it is optimized for 18-22g baskets, larger and smaller basket sizes can be accommodated by cutting the length of the included spare needles.


  • One MOONRAKER™, pre-loaded with 10 needles
  • One Caddy, solid machined and anodized aluminium.
  • 20 spare needles (mix of long and short)
  • One Coffee Brush

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