Kaico Drip Kettle - Small

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We love these Kaico Kettles. Design and function make them a pleasure to use.

A very well balanced drip kettle. The spout design is unique giving you great control over the water flow.

The enameled surface does not transfer any metalic taste. Taste only your water, enjoy the difference!

kaico - beautiful enameled ware created by Makoto Koizumi, a designer with a reputation for carefully crafting items who is involved in the design of all kinds of items related to daily life from chopsticks to architecture, and artisans who possess Japanese techniques. 

Enamel is processed, shaped iron that is fired with a glass textured glaze. This creates a nostalgic appearance and beautiful translucent surface. kaico, with its easy-to-use forms and combination of perfect materials, uses iron that is made in Tokyo and enameling made in Mie - the spirit of Japan lies within. 

Crafted in white enamel coated steel with maple handles, Kaico has a classic yet functional aesthetic, as well as being durable and thermal-efficient. Due to the smooth semi-gloss finish, the cookware is also easy to clean. 

A very well designed drip kettle. It combines good balance with a clever triangular cross-sectioned spout to give you great control over the water flow. 

Winner of Japan's 2006 Good Design Award. 

Material: Kettle in enamel-coated steel with beechwood handle and maple wood knob. As such, it is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.

Size : 225×130×126mm

Capacity: 0.95L

Product Weight : 460g

Packaged Weight: 680g