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Sherwood Forest Estate | Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Sherwood Forest Estate | Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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We roast only on specific dates to guarantee the freshest coffee. Before ordering, kindly check our roast calendar to see our next roast date. There might be a short wait, but it's all to ensure you get the freshest cup! ☕️

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Are you looking to buy Sherwood Forest Estate | Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Australia?

Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Pick your roast level, every order is individually roasted

We suggest Light Roast for Filter or Modern Espresso (1:3 - 1:5 ratio)

and Medium Roast for Milk Based or for a more Traditional Espresso (1:2 - 1:2.5 ratio)

CUPPING : Marzipan, cashew, fresh bread, bitter/sweet chocolate, blackcurrant, black cherry

Origin : JAMAICA
Region : Hagley Gap, St Thomas
Producer : Bramwell family
Packing : 15kg pine barrels with GrainPro
Score : 87
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Typica
Processing : Washed
Altitude : 1160 - 1740 MASL
Prep : Grade 1 Screen 17/18

Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is one of Jamaica’s oldest, started in 1801. Owned, run and managed by the Bramwell family, this 81 hectare property is located in the heart of the designated Blue Mountain area in Hagley Gap, St Thomas. 

The altitude, rainfall and temperature ranges mean a long, slow ripening of the coffee cherries, a period that can up to 10 months. Harvesting the cherries on the rugged and steep slopes is difficult work, carried out by local villagers with decades of experience. Picked, ripe cherry is processed on the estates own wet mill. Drying the parchment takes between 7- 50 days to dry.  Drying can be difficult, interrupted by rain and fog and meticulous care is needed to keep the parchment dry.

Once dry, the parchment is milled and then has to be certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board prior to export.

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