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Indonesia Blue Bianca Wet Hulled Giling Basah

Indonesia Blue Bianca Wet Hulled Giling Basah

Please note this coffee has run out and is no longer roasted :(

We have left this coffee here for archival purposes. Please visit our current coffees being roasted here.

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Are you looking to buy Indonesia Blue Bianca Wet Hulled Giling Basah in Australia?

CUPPING : Sweet berry, citrus, bittersweet, ruby grapefruit, biscuity

Roast : Medium

Region : Dolok Sangul, Sumatra
Producer : Very select group of local farmers
Score : 93.25
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Onang Ganjang (local Bourbon varietal)
Processing : Wet Pulped
Altitude : 1400 MASL


An outstanding speciality coffee, unique to our supplier. Every stage of this coffee is carefully managed and undergoes strict quality checks at every stage. If it doesn't meet any of the standards, it's not called Blue Bianca. 

Blue Bianca is produced in the highland plateau of Onang Ganjang by small holding farmers. Fresh cherry is picked, pulped and fermented for 12 hours without water. Then the cherry is hulled and parchment washed and left to dry for two days.  The parchment is then removed using the Giling Basa process of wet hulling, a process unique to Sumatra.  Green beans are allowed to dry for a further 5 days after which they are hand sorted and left for a period of 30 days to rest before ready for shipping. Blue Bianca is prepared by a young local processor in Dolok Sangul.

This is  a truly unique coffee that stands out on the cupping table. Distinctive, bursting with character and setting a standard for top end Indonesian coffee.

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