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Etzinger Etzmax Conical Grinder (Light & Plus)

Etzinger Etzmax Conical Grinder (Light & Plus)

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Are you looking to buy Etzinger Etzmax Conical Grinder (Light & Plus) in Australia?

Discover the ETzmax Grinders by Etzinger

From the renowned makers of Kinu Burrs and other major grinder burrs, Etzinger introduced their impressive ETzmax in 2018. Made in Switzerland, the ETzmax is a high-quality grinder that stands out in its class.

We currently have a limited stock available at a highly competitive price due to a cancelled order from a coffee chain.

ETzmax Light

The ETzmax Light model is ideal for domestic use or for serving decaffeinated or single-origin coffee in small cafes. It is designed to handle 700-1000kg of coffee.

  • Hopper Size: 200g

ETzmax Plus

The ETzmax Plus features an enhanced motor and cooling system, making it suitable for more demanding environments. It can process up to 25kg of coffee per week, with a total capacity of 1500-2000kg.

  • Hopper Size: 1kg

For those who prefer the larger motor but need a smaller hopper, you can purchase the ETzmax Plus and swap to a 200g hopper. Please email us for further details.

All models listed here come equipped with the LIGHT CONE.


  • 3.0-5.5g/sec (dependent on cone in use)
  • RRB mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) with Anti Static Jig
  • Maximum Efficiency, constant bean feed and minimal warming of ground coffee due to perfect adaptation of motor (NEW since 2022) to burrs
  • Built-in ACAIA scale (+/- 0.1-0. 2g) - to be operated in time- or weight mode
  • 3 programmable doses
  • Low retention (<1g)
  • Easy to adjust (stepped Macro Adjust 0.1mm, stepless Micro Adjust 0.01mm)
  • Modular system enabeling users to replace parts themselves (easy to clean without tools)
  • Single Dosing possible
  • Convertible to Filterversion (Filter Kit)
  • Convertible to PLUS-version (includes cooling system)
  • Life span etzJET (motor): up to 1000kg
  • Housing etzJET made of zinc-die cast (better heat dissipation, easy reassembling of Adjustment Ring)
  • Housing made of ALuminum
  • Solid Frontplate with red Start-button

Our RRB-technology (Rotating Ring Burr), invented and designed by Christian Etzinger from 2009 to 2012 is based on eliminating statical charge while grinding by compressing the grounds. Features like low retention, our Micro-/Macro adjustment and the direct, fluffy exit of the ground coffee are a result of this technology.

Other benefits like constant feed, speed, high energy-efficiency, insignificant warming of ground coffee during the grinding process, easy and repeatable adjustability with identical point of reference are based on the burrs and their optimized geomeetry, designed in-house and manufactured on our machines in Liechtenstein.

The Etzmax has a modular system, so if there’s any type of issue, within five minutes you can open it up, replace the part, and get back to work. Cleaning is super simple and easy too because there aren’t six or seven components you have to unscrew and reattach. It only takes seconds to take it apart by the rotation burr mount and run the brush through to clean it.

Etzinger’s etzJet grinding mechanism puts a new spin on the classic conical burr setup. The cone burr remains static in the centre while the motor-powered ring burrs rotate around it, rather than the other way around, ensuring coffee grounds fall axially out of the grinder and into the portafilter.

The cone burr connects directly to two adjustment rings, providing a fine degree of control over grind size. The macro ring features 16 steps of 0.1-millimetre tuning increments, while a second micro ring offers 10 additional demarcations of 0.01 millimetres for stepless fine tuning.

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