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Coffee Puck Rake | WDT Distribution

Coffee Puck Rake | WDT Distribution

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Are you looking to buy Coffee Puck Rake | WDT Distribution in Australia?

We have had our favourite puck rake 3d printed here in Australia by Phaser3d.

Same shape and style as our wooden puck rake but printed from Prusament PC Blend.

It is common to have some amount of clumping when grinding for espresso in a domestic grinder. To overcome this we grind directly into a dosing cup where we do a deep rapid rake to fluff up the grinds and break up the clumps. 

After inverting into the porta-filter we then do a slow surface rake to even out the bed, collapse grounds by 1 firm tap (more of a gentle thud) on tamp matt before tamping with your preferred tamper. We use the Push Tamp from Clockwork Espresso.

This method done correctly is highly effective in reducing any micro channeling

We have left the needles at a slight angle only as we use for deep & shallow raking.

If you would like more of an angle (we do not) is is easy to bend the 4 outer needles slightly away from the centre. You can then fine tune to your preference.

The timber has been lightly oiled to keep the natural appearance.

Check out this great video on WDT, thanks Lance :)

Please note:

The needles (0.3mm) are extremely sharp. Keep the pointy ends where they belong. In your coffee grounds or in a shot glass full of rice (this also keeps the needles clean). Don't forget to change the rice once in a while.

Please do not store upside down on your bench, it hurts!


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