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AutoComb WDT Portafilter Tool by Barista Hustle Tools

AutoComb WDT Portafilter Tool by Barista Hustle Tools

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Are you looking to buy AutoComb WDT Portafilter Tool by Barista Hustle Tools in Australia?

Introducing the BH Tools AutoComb, the ultimate coffee distribution tool. Its adjustable needle depth fits all baskets up to 25g without extra tools. Compatible with popular 58mm baskets and portafilters, it ensures effortless customization. With durable construction and easily replaceable parts, this sleek tool eliminates wrist strain and is built to last. Simplify your coffee routine with the BH Tools AutoComb.


  • Needle depth is adjustable for all baskets up to 25g, tool-free.
  • Compatible with almost every popular 58mm basket and portafilter (see compatibility).
  • Needles can be removed and/or replaced easily by hand.
  • You can drop it on the bench or bash it onto a portafilter without concern.
  • No wrist twisting or RSI-inducing movements.
  • Comes with heaps of spare needles.
  • All moving/sliding parts are excessively over-engineered.
  • All components are removable and user-replaceable with allen keys (supplied).
  • Made from anodised aluminium, impact resistant ABS, acetal, and stainless steel.

Managing Expectations
We’re very confident this is the best solution out there for well-distributed grinds, quickly, with minimal skill. Watch our videos to see it in action amongst real espresso bars to make up your mind. Or have a look at the testimonials above.

The AutoComb is surprisingly good! But nothing’s perfect. We cannot promise that AutoComb will give you perfectly flat grinds, zero channelling, zero clumps, or increased extraction yields. There are just too many variables at play.

We can promise that it will spin smoothly, slide easily, and survive reasonable abuse on a bar for a long time!

Cleaning and Maintenance
Every part of the AutoComb is user removable with allen keys for cleaning or maintenance. The sliding carriage which holds the needles is removable without tools, so you can get up close with the needles, or run them under a tap. The white acetal slider is easily wiped clean if coffee grinds build up on the sliding surfaces.

The two ball bearings are fully sealed and lubricated for life.

This tool is NOT dishwasher safe. Hand washing only.

Supported Portafilters

  • La Marzocco (except KB90)
  • Decent
  • Pesado
  • Synesso
  • Slayer
  • KVW
  • Simonelli
  • Storm/Tempesta

Unsupported Portafilters (we’re working on these for v1.1)

  • Weber Workshops Unifilter
  • La Marzocco KB90
  • Some La Cimbali (TBC)

Supported Baskets

  • All standard 58mm baskets like VST, IMS, Pullman, LM, etc.
  • Wafo
  • Sworks

Unsupported Baskets

  • Weber Workshops Unibaskets (Recent models are supposedly ok. If the outermost diameter is smaller than 70.5mm it will work)


  • 1 x AutoComb with 12 needles installed
  • Tube with approx. 38 spare needles
  • Allen keys
  • Card with qr code for the quick-start guide and manual
Bar Code: BHAC001
Package Weight: 640g
W/H: U-01-F-08

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