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Baroida Estate Honey - Papua New Guinea

Baroida Estate Honey - Papua New Guinea

Please note this coffee has run out and is no longer roasted :(

We have left this coffee here for archival purposes. Please visit our current coffees being roasted here.

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Are you looking to buy Baroida Estate Honey - Papua New Guinea in Australia?

Baroida estate consistently produces some of the highest quality coffee we source from Papua New Guinea. Thanks to meticulous separation for quality control, the high quality of this estate coffee shines through with a great acidity and mouthfeel.

Light Roast - Filter & Modern Espresso

Medium Roast - Milk based drinks & traditional espresso

SCA cupping score is 87

Sensory: Black Tea, Orange, Dried Dates



VARIETAL: Arusha , Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Typica

PROCESSING: HoneyALTITUDE: 1,700 to 1,850 meters above sea level

OWNER: Colbran family

SUBREGION/TOWN: Baroida, Aiyura, Kianantu

REGION: Eastern Highlands

FARM SIZE: 220 hectares


Baroida Estate is located in the Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province. The estate was founded by Ben Colbran in the 1960’s.

Ben’s son Nichol now the owns and runs the plantation. 

The plantation sits at the apex of the Lamari river valley and Mount Jabarra range. The plantation itself sits at about 1,691 meters above sea level amongst thousands of hectares of cleared land with former colonial coffee estates surrounding them (now run by native landowners) and flanked by mountains filled with smallholder coffee producers who cultivate close to a million trees.

Meticulous separation for quality control helps maintain the high quality of the estate’s coffee. After careful sorting, cherry is pulped on disc pulpers. Parchment and remaining mucilage are laid on tarps to sundry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. 

Sucafina have a great partnership with Baroida Estate and the Colbrans, they source the best quality lots, which are separated and allocated specifically for them before being hulled, graded and prepared for export.

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