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Acaia Orbit

Acaia Orbit

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Are you looking to buy Acaia Orbit in Australia?

The minimal design of the Acaia Orbit is now available in Space Gray, Black and White. The grinder maintains its unique functionality while offering a sleek, modern aesthetic. Acaia tailored our first-ever coffee grinder for single-dosing with automatic cleaning. These features aid in minimising retention. The Orbit links with the Acaia Lunar for a seamless grind-by-weight experience. Built with Acaia's proprietary technology, it provides advanced RPM control and energy efficiency. Access these functions through the grinder companion app.

The new additions to our grinder lineup have the matte finish to match your setup. They differ from our original in a few ways.

The Orbit is ready to take on any of your coffee brewing needs. It features 64 mm flat steel burrs and stepless grind adjustment. The single-dosing workflow includes a knocking chute and an automatic purge to reduce coffee retention to a minimum.

The companion app features customisation for the three grinding presets. Take advantage of the RPM control and profiling all through your smartphone. The Orbit also includes a grind-by-weight function when paired with a Lunar espresso scale. This allows you to grind just the right amount every time. No need to pre-weigh your beans!


  • A Multi-Purpose Hopper that matches the grinder's body. Replacing the original funnel, the grinders arrive preinstalled with the metal hopper. It includes a lid to reduce noise and prevent flying dust. The accessory's design has several pins that allow you to attach our larger line of hoppers on top.
  • Stepless Adjustment Dial. A streamlined design allows for precise, effortless grind control from espresso to filter. Orbit White and Black feature a wide adjustment dial, while Orbit Space Grey includes a dial and detent ring to mark the positions of different grind sizes.
  • Grind-By-Weight Precision Grinding. The Orbit's integration with the Lunar scale ensures exact dosing for every grind. It accommodates single and batch modes with an automated start-stop feature. Optimise your coffee preparation for consistency and efficiency.
  • 64mm Burrs. Select Mazzer or SSP 64 mm burrs. For classic espresso and balanced filter coffee brewing, the Mazzer 33M burrs are for you. The SSP Multi-Purpose set is ideal for high-clarity brews and modern espresso. The Orbit in Space Grey now includes the latest SSP Lab Sweet V3 burrs. The burrs are designed for exceptional filter coffee and espresso brewing. This set ensures a wider range of brewing capabilities. Perfect for those who appreciate the nuances of an excellent brew.
  • Personalise Your Orbit. Enhance your coffee-grinding experience with the Orbit companion app. We designed the Orbit app to personalise your workflow. Adjust the grinding speed from 600 to 1500 RPM, personalise button actions, and save unique profiles for grinding by weight or time. The newly introduced "Reverse-and-Adjust" feature allows an effortless transition between coarse and fine grinds. It is ideal for baristas who oscillate between filter coffee and espresso daily.
  • Energy Efficient. Acaia believes that it is our social responsibility to be conscious of our environmental impact. Developed with our in-house technology, the Orbit is built to reduce energy consumption. And it still delivers an industrial high performance and smarter grinding.
  • Burr Alignment. After assembly, our team tests each grinder thoroughly. This is to ensure proper functionality, alignment, and grind quality. We use optical imaging software to evaluate ground coffee during testing. This is to check for an expected level of uniformity. We also carefully measure the distance between the burr lock point and the burr touch point. Acceptable distances are < 1.5 marks for Mazzer 33M burrs and < 1 mark for SSP Multi-Purpose burrs.
  • Orbit Tolerances. All Orbit parts are individually measured during the quality control process. This is to ensure they meet our precise standards and allow for the best burr alignment. For example, our grinders must meet or exceed the following:
Burr mounting surfaces - 10 microns in flatness
Motor drive shafts - 20 microns in concentricity
Other critical parts - 20 micron tolerances
  • The grinder is shipped with a grey, black or white 58 mm Dosing Cup.



  • 1x Orbit Coffee Grinder Black
  • 1x 58mm Portafilter dosing cup with magnetic pad
  • 1x Lunar magnetic strips application tool
  • 1x Accessory tool kit
  • 1x Power cable


  • 1x Orbit Coffee Grinder White
  • 1x 58mm portafilter dosing cup with magnetic pad
  • 1x Lunar magnetic strips application tool
  • 1x Accessory tool kit
  • 1x Power cable

Space Grey

  • 1x Orbit Coffee Grinder Space Grey
  • 1x 58mm portafilter dosing cup with magnetic pad
  • 1x Lunar magnetic strips application tool
  • 1x Accessory tool kit
  • 1x Power cable

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