Collection: Comandante

Discover Comandante's top-notch coffee grinders, now available for coffee lovers in Australia. Known for their commitment to quality and precision, Comandante grinders are perfect for anyone looking to get the best from their beans. These grinders are not just about performance; they're also about responsible production, using locally sourced, food-safe materials to make products that last a lifetime while being kind to the environment.

At the heart of Comandante’s innovation is the C40 grinder, famous for its unique NITRO BLADE® burr. This special burr set, a result of extensive research, stands out for its unique design and material, offering unmatched grinding performance and flavor enhancement. Comandante is all about improving your coffee experience, continuously refining their products to meet the highest standards.

Comandante's journey began with Bernd Braune and his family, who also started the Supremo coffee roastery in Germany. They saw a need for high-quality, portable grinders that could deliver great coffee on the go. This led to the creation of Comandante's iconic grinders, combining practicality with sleek design. The latest in their line, the C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade®, launched in 2021, steps up the game with its enhanced durability and a new polymer-glass Bean Jar, all while keeping its classic features. For coffee enthusiasts in Australia looking for a grinder that balances quality, durability, and style, Comandante is a top choice.