NOMACANO - What is this Delicious Coffee Recipe?

NOMACANO - What is this Delicious Coffee Recipe?

Rhys Evans

Lance Hendrick: The Maestro Behind NOMACANO

In the constantly evolving world of coffee, few names have garnered as much attention recently as Lance Hendrick. An innovator and coffee enthusiast, Lance has always had a penchant for pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in the coffee world. Drawing inspiration from traditional brewing methods and infusing them with a modern twist, the NOMACANO recipe has quickly become a favorite amongst coffee aficionados around the globe. 

The Nomacano is named after NOMA - One of the best restaurants based in Demnark where this style of shot is being pulled. They use beans from the well regarded roaster Tim Wendelbo.

This coffee recipe is neither filter nor espresso, more a fusion of the two, Similar to Scott Raos Filter 2.0 /3.0


If you don't have a 25g VST you can just use a smaller basket but the idea is you want to underfill the basket by about 10% and then use a ratio of about 7.5

For example if you have a 22g basket, put 20g of coffee in and then extract 150ml of coffee in 45 seconds. (20*7.5=150)


Why underfill a coffee basket?
You will reduce body which is what you want for filter coffee. We are trying to lessen the body to increase the complexity of the cup. The headspace will allow bigger water column at the start of the shot so longer timer before the pressure kicks in.

Let us know in the comments how you found the Nomacano!

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