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The Force Tamper (58.5mm)

The Force Tamper (58.5mm)

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Are you looking to buy The Force Tamper (58.5mm) in Australia?

The Force Tamper was masterfully designed by Zubing Sun, who is currently affiliated with Decent Espresso.

The Force Tamper stands out because it:

  1. Ensures every tamp is uniformly level.
  2. Guarantees consistent pressure with each tamp.

Moreover, its design greatly reduces wrist strain and the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for baristas. This means baristas can work tirelessly throughout the day without feeling fatigued or experiencing discomfort.

At Central Coast Coffee, the Force Tamper is our preferred choice, and it comes highly recommended. Notably, Morgan Eckroth used it in her performances at the USBC & WBC competitions.

The unique feature of the Force Tamper is its innerspring mechanism. This allows it to generate a preset pressure, eliminating the need to rely on manual force when tamping coffee in the portafilter basket.

For optimal results, we advise you to retain the spring and utilize it at its default factory setting upon arrival.

It's worth noting that the handle of the tamper is crafted from natural rosewood. As a result, each piece showcases a unique blend of patterns and shades. Please understand that specific pattern requests cannot be accommodated, as tamps are randomly distributed.


  • Consistent adjustable pressure
  • Punch boost system
  • Automatic leveling mechanism
  • Enhanced distribution assistance
  • User-friendly operation.
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