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PAPUA NEW GUINEA Kimel Peaberry Green Unroasted 1kg

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CUPPING :Intense, chocolate, citrus, tomato, ripe nectarine. Just lovely!

Roast : Medium

Region : Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands
Producer : Kimel Estate
Score : 80
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Arusha
Processing : Fully washed
Altitude : 1584 MASL
Prep : Parchment matured before being hulled.
Kimel is one of the very few estates in PNG and is situated to the north of Mount Hagen. It operating its own wet and dry mill, covers 600 hectares and accepts the production of local and village plantations which covers an additional 1000 hectares. Growing Arusha, Bourbon, Typica varietals, the original trees on the estate were from the Jamaican Blue Mountains. A combination of the unique environment and plantation practices such using coffee pulp for fertiliser, dried husks for heating and fresh, unpolluted water from the mountains all add to the estates sustainability practices. Kimel beans are acknowledged for their distinctive characteristics, especially the savoury notes and bright, very pleasant acidity.