Original NitroPress - 500ml

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The original NitroPress offers an easy and affordable approach to serving nitro beverages at home, in a cafe, or any hospitality environment. This world-first professional grade nitro dispenser enables you to infuse your coffee, cocktail and tea beverages with pure nitrogen to create a thick and creamy texture and smooth mouth feel. Add some extra serving options to your plain cold brew or serve multiple espresso martini cocktails with ease without the requirements of machinery, power, or large gas cylinders.

The NitroPress utilises a pressure and jet nozzle system to create cascading cold brew and a smooth foam head, similar to a stout beer. Simply add your 500ml of cold brew coffee, insert a Coffee Cocktail Charger into the charger holder, shake the canister, and dispense.


- Quick and easy to use
- Fully portable
- No-fuss nitro dispensing
- Easy to clean after use
- Dishwasher-friendly
- Batch make cocktails for speed and efficiency
- Serve two coffees or up to four cocktails in one hit
- Use with the pure nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Chargers for best results
- Store in the fridge ready to use at any time
- Keep contents fresh in the fridge
- Can be used to infuse beverages with all natural ingredients (cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs, etc.)
- Can be used with ready-to-drink cold brew or cold brew concentrate

- Canister Capacity: 500ml
- Material: Stainless Steel
- Coffee Cocktail Chargers sold separately
- Pressure: 6 BAR / 87 psi when released into the canister



1. Fill canister with cold brew coffee (add ice if desired).
2. Screw on canister head tight to ensure a seal is made.
3. Insert pure nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Charger into the charger holder.
4. Tighten cartridge cap to pressurise the device.
5. Shake the NitroPress for 30 seconds or so before each serve for best results.
6. Pull trigger and dispense into a clear glass for best effect.
7. Once all the liquid is dispensed, pull the trigger to release pressure.
8. Unscrew the canister head and repeat from step 1.

NitroPress Parts:

Nozzle - Features a unique design and precision machined from solid stainless steel.
Piston Valve - Allows for a perfect flow control while dispensing. Designed to be removed, cleaned, and serviced with ease.
Canister Head - Full stainless steel construction with trigger which is cast and precision machined to ensure a long service life.
Canister - Full spun and polished stainless steel construction, suitable for a commercial dishwasher.
Charger Holder - Full stainless steel construction with a knurled finish for grip.
N2 Nitrogen Charger - Unique pure nitrogen gas cartridges, totally inert and tasteless. Used to propel and foam your creations.
Silicone Grip Band - Comes in Hatfields Brown as standard. 

Please Note: Nitrogen Cocktail Chargers sold separately.


Q: What is the capacity of liquid I can get out of one nitro cartridge?
A: One nitro cartridge will have an output of 500ml of nitrogenised coffee. For beverages that you might want a little more foam for, you can use multiple cartridges.

Q: Can I use a charged canister over multiple shots?
A: You can charge the canister and use for smaller shots if required. The canister should stay charged for a few days, but always shake the canister before dispensing.