OCD V3 Coffee Distributor by ONA Coffee

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Making delicious coffee is all about understanding and taking control of the variables. Distribution is a major variable that impacts on quality and consistency. That is, until the invention of the ONA Coffee Distributor.

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Some baristas tamp the coffee grounds without first distributing evenly in the basket, while others will distribute the grounds with the forefinger. Accordingly, results can vary and these irregularities cause uneven density of the coffee in the basket, channeling is the result and the quality of every cup is affected.  Using the OCD to distribute the coffee before tamping, eliminates inconsistencies and perfect distribution is achieved every time.

This new model of the ONA Coffee Distributor is the latest distribution tool by former World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic.

The OCD: V3 comes with an advanced, static-reducing coating on the base, as well as a range of other features:

  • Textured sides for easy grip and non-slip;
  • Reduced friction and generation of static electricity;
  • Lightweight build (100g less than previous models);
  • Colour range (Black, Titanium, Silver);
  • Reduced retail price;
  • Maintenance and How To Use Guide

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter:
    58.5mm (Fit ims or vst basket)

    Stainless steel (Centre part), anodized aluminium (Adjuster) and anodized aluminium (Locker)

    Package size:
    90mm (W) x 90mm (L) x 58MM (H)

    Patent number M550602