Mexico Finca Kassandra

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  • Region : Cordoba, Veracruz
  • Producer : Rivas Family, Kassandra Estate
  • Certifications : Rainforest Alliance Certified,
  • Type : Arabica
  • Varietals : Caturra,Catuai, Bourbon
  • Processing : Fully washed, sundried
  • Altitude :1200 - 1500 MASL
  • Prep : 'Special' Process, hand picked, washed, sundried

Cupping : Rich flavour, raisin, plum, dark chocolate , elegantly smooth.

Finca Kassandra, originally a cattle station, began growing coffee on 1990 with the intention of producing Estate Quality coffees. The climate, with an annual average temperature of 22ºC and good rainfall of 1400 ‒ 2000mm proved ideal. By 2003, the size of Finca Kassandra had increased enough to build its own dry mill and since then have been processing all their coffee on the estate. The Rivas family are also ecologically aware and have set aside 27 hectares of rainforest for local birds and wildlife to flourish. A huge tree planting programme has been underway across the plantation that will help not just the coffee but the birdlife as well.

Finca Kassandra has the commitment and passion that goes into every aspect of the estate from the meticulous way the coffee is handpicked picked to the amazing parchment storage areas and grading equipment. The flavours from Kassandra coffees tell their own story; reflecting all the hard work that goes into every season.

Finca Kassandra has had two prestigious wins in the 2017 Mexican Cup of Excellence. The Estate was placed second overall, a terrific achievement and received a President’s award for its 90.57 point Pacamara Speciality.