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Kenya AA Mwiboini Estate

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CUPPING : Pineapples, Hazelnuts and custard apple in aroma, tangy acidity, creamy mouthfeel, soft apricot, vibrant dark fruits, berries, long finish.

Roast : Medium

Origin : KENYA

Grade : AA

Region : Krinyaga county, central Kenya
Estate : Mwiboini Estate, Mwiboini Factory, Kofinaf Mill
Type : Arabica
Varietals : Heirloom - various
Harvesting : Hand 
Processing : Wet mill
Soil : Volcanic Loam
Altitude :1760 MASL

SCAA Scale : 88
Mwiboini Estate is a coffee farm located in Krinyaga county, central
Kenya, near the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The farm is owned by a small scale
farmer who is enthusistic about coffee. It boasts of a pulping station and
drying patios. The farm employs locals and most of it's operations are by
hand method. the coffees from the farm scores well on the SCAA scale and
is well known for good cup notes.