Handpresso Outdoor Set - Pump & Thermo Flask - Demo Unit

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This was our demo unit and has been sitting in the bottom of a box for a few years.

We are cleaning house and need this gone, grab yourself a bargain!

Priced new around $350 out it goes @ $99

It has been thoroughly tested and is sold as is.

Included is a genuine tamp & additional filter baskets for preparing multiple coffee's.

What is Handpresso Pump Set?

Handpresso Pump black is the first ever portable espresso machine launched in 2008 and designed in France. 

This manual espresso maker works like a bicycle pump to build up a 16-bar pressure so as to offer you a creamy espresso wherever you are.

Simple, light and sturdy , Handpresso Pump is the perfect machine for your camping holidays, when you travel, are on a boat or in the office. 

With this bag, you have it all to make your coffee breaks absolutely great wherever you are. 

The bag is designed to carry easily the Handpresso Pump, the thermo-flask and the cups, all the must-haves for an enjoyable coffee break.


The specificities of your portable espresso maker

  • Contains: 1 bag, 1 Handpresso Pump black, 1 black thermos-flask, 4 unbreakable cups and 1 napkin 
  • Coffee: short and strong (50ml) espresso 
  • Coffee format: E.S.E. * pods or ground coffee
  • Pressure : 16 bar (by pumping)
  • Hot water (90°C) required (thermo-flask or kettle)


What are the features of your manual espresso machine? 

The Handpresso Pump black portable espresso maker is sold with its 2 portafilters, one for E.S.E. pods, the other for ground coffee. 

It requires no battery nor electricity, just perfect for those who care for the planet.

It is also equipped with a manometer indicating when the 16-bar pressure has been reached.  

This set exists in various colors (black, silver and white), but also as a stand-alone machine.


*Easy Serving Espresso, Italian pod format