Fellow Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe

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The Stagg double wall glass carafe is the perfect companion for the Stagg Pour-Over XF Dripper. Brew multiple cups at a time for friends, or make a large batch of coffee just for one. The clear hand-blown glass and marked ration guides makes knowing how much you've brewed easy, while the silicone lid will keep your brew warmer for longer.


  • Double wall glass allows for longer heat retention and no exterior condensation.
  • Hand blown borosilicate glass,  the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of glass.
  • Ratio Aid - Never guess how much water to add. The first dot means you've hit one serving, the second dot means you've hit two servings. The ratio aid dots correlate to Stagg Dripper's ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.
  • Silicone lid included to keep your coffee hot longer.
  • Carafe comfortably holds 20 oz/0.6 L at the double dots.

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