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Colombia Excelso Concordia Green Unroasted 1kg

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  • Region : Antioquia
  • Producer : Selected regional farmers
  • Type : Arabica
  • Varietals : Variedad, Castilo
  • Processing : Washed
  • Altitude : 1875 – 2175 MASL
  • Prep : European Preparation

CUPPING : Hazelnuts, sweet, milk chocolate, gentle spicy notes

ROAST : Medium

La Concordia is in the South-western section of Antioquia, 65 miles from Medellin City. The town is 94 square miles and 48 of those are dedicated to coffee growing.

Coffee grown at this altitude is concentrated in flavor and because of the extreme elevations grow a bit smaller than what is typically known as Colombian Supremo.

La Concordia is one of the most technology advanced towns in Colombia and is highly productive. It has more roads than any other town in Colombia`s coffee regions based on the FNC´s statistics, and also has one of the highest levels of education in the region. The populace is oriented to the preservation of the environment and to living in harmony with nature.