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Bali Shinzan ‘God Mountain’ Green Unroasted 1kg

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Acidity : Gentle

Body : smooth, clean

Flavour : Intense, thick chocolate, black tea

Roast : Med-Dark

Cupping:  Intense, thick chocolate, black tea, smooth, clean.

Region:   Kintamani, Bali  

Producer:  small holder farmers  

Score : 80

Variety:  Typica S795  

Processing: washed  

 Altitude: 1200 - 1300 masl  h

Coffee has been grown in Bali since the early nineteenth century when traders from the Dutch East India Company brought coffee from Yemen via Java to Bali. The island’s main Arabica growing area lies between the active volcanoes of Mount Agung and Mount Batukaro. Harvest is from May to September and in contrast to Sumatra there is only one harvest per year. The area of Kintamani has become synonymous with the island’s Arabica production and the Kintamani Highlands are generally considered to be the home of the best coffee Bali has to offer.   

The Bali God Mountain bean is sourced from village co-operatives high up (between 1000 – 1300m) in the Kintamani farming regions of Bali. The perfect balance of this flavor is enhanced by the fact that farmers do not use pesticides or fertilisers during growth. Grown in rich volcanic soils that dominate Bali, supported with a rich, moist tropical climate. Bali’s own Indonesian-style wet processing produces a unique finish, then further when air-dried on raised beds.