Bezzera Mitica Top & Compak E08 package

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Tax included.

A complete set up, customer paid over $5500 new.

All have been fully serviced and are in very good condition.

What a deal!!! 

Mitica Top rotary pump

Compak EO8 with both 300g (pictured) & 800g hopper 

Single, Double & naked porta filter

ONA stem with Brewista smart scale

Concept art tamping station

Joe Frex / Concept art 58mm tamp       

Rattleware 350ml Milk Jug

Rattleware 500ml Spouted Bell Jug

Demonstration is available as well as free training with the purchase.

This set up was sold new by us & has been used in a home environment by one of our very good customers. They have now moved on to a Decent Espresso Coffee Machine & Weber Workshops Key grinder.

While we are selling it for them we will make no margin from it.

Mitica Top has been fully serviced.

Descaled (just routine it did not need it).Group head cleaned & seals replaced (silicone group head seal). Water & steam tap seals replaced cleaned & checked.

Compak EO8 fully serviced.

It has been stripped cleaned & tested, burrs inspected (they are very good & have only ground approx 90kg.).

Brewista smart Scale is the model before the rechargeable battery. It has been tested & functions as new.

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