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  1. Handpresso Outdoor Set - Wild Hybrid & Flask

    Handpresso Outdoor Set - Wild Hybrid & Flask

    Handpresso Outdoor Set - Wild Hybrid Machine and Thermo Flask.

    The perfect companion for trekking, camping or any "on the go" activity.  This set includes a single-hand thermos/flask, the Wild Hybrid Machine (which can utilise either espresso grounds or a 7 gram E.S.E. pod - not included), and 4 unbreakable cups.  Also includes 1 small napkin to help keep your set neat.  The thermos/flask is invaluable for keeping your water piping hot for longer, and the cups are lightweight and durable. 

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  2. Handpresso Tamper

    Handpresso Tamper

    Handpresso has designed its very own tamper, fitting the Domepod to a tee. The Domepod tamper allows you to get the best extraction from your ground espresso coffee. It is constructed entirely of aluminium, making it scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

    Height: 115mm

    Weight: 250 grams

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  3. Black

    Handpresso Portable Espresso Pump

    Handpresso Wild Hybrid 2-In-1 Portable Espresso Machine

    The Handpresso Wild Hybrid can use either ground espresso coffee OR a 7 gram E.S.E. pod (not included).  With this truly versatile machine, you choose whether to brew your coffee to your own liking with the ground espresso option, or to simply pop in the E.S.E. adaptor and use one of "ready to use" pods. 

    The Handpresso Wild hybrid is simple, light, elegant and compact.  You can use is absolutely anywhere: in the office, on holiday, while travelling or even trekking in the wilderness. The pump is included, enabling you to generate a 16 bar pressure reading.  Then it's just a matter of adding hot water from a kettle or a thermos/flask, espresso coffee (ground or pods) and that's it!  No battery or electricity is needed - perfect for enviornmentally conscious users!

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  4. Bellman CX-25S Stovetop Portable Camping Milk Steamer

    Bellman CX-25S Stovetop Portable Camping Milk Steamer

    Do you want steamed milk while camping (this is what we use), while travelling or even at home on the stove (not induction)?

    Stainless steel stove-top steamer for those that like their coffee with milk.

    Perfect for steaming milk to make great cappuccinos, lattes or even chai tea. 

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  5. Brewista Kettle 1.2L

    Brewista Kettle 1.2L


    The Brewista Smart Pour is a Variable Temperature Digital Kettle that does it all for you!

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  6. Lavatools Javelin Gourmet Food Thermometer

    Lavatools Javelin Gourmet Food Thermometer


    This is a great compact portable thermometer, part of my standard travel kit.

    Check your water temp, milk temp or maybe even your roast.

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